Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Peristiwa Kehilangan Adam Air & Bario Berulang Melalui MH370

Bismillah.In The Name of Allah , Most Gracious n Most Merciful

Malaysians, we are being tested again by Allah, Lord of the world and Hereafter, visible n invisible world. The drought, the water crisis, the haze and now the missing of 239 lives in the air.

At the time being whole world are all focusing on finding MH370. US, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and the latest is India and New Zealand also show their concerns. To date there are 34 airspace and 40 warships for the search and rescue operations. It does include the submarine sent by Singapore for underwater ops.
Beliau merupakan ketua bahagian pesawat 777 sewaktu berkhidmat di MAS. 
Apabila ditanyakan pendapat beliau apakah yang berlaku ke atas MH370, beliau dengan penuh yakin berkata:

"HILANG! Benar-benar hilang!"

Beliau memberi jawapan yang pada saya di luar jangkaan jawapan seorang juruterbang.
Dan apabila ditanya bagaimana cara untuk mencari, beliau merespon:
"Kita perlukan doa daripada orang-orang soleh dan ahli keluarga..
Sekiranya teknologi sains tidak berjaya, maka kita kena guna cara lain.
Benda ni ada kaitan dengan sains dan pencipta sains itu sendiri (Allah)"...tambahnya.

Kapten Norudin Abd Majid was the head for Boeing 777 department in MAS. When asked about his opinion about MH370, confidently he said "lost! Really lost!". An answer which beyond expectation from a pilot. And when asked how would we find it, he responded, we need prayers from pious men and the family.. if science technology failed, then we use our own method. This thing relates to science and the Creator of it (ALLAH). 

In view of this, Malaysia was once being shocked by the mystery helicopter tragedy at Bario Sarawak in 2004. A few years after that, in 2007 the whole world were being shocked by the Adam Air incidents in Indonesia. These 2 tragedies have some similarities.  

It was hidden by the genies.

What? Impossible! Are u crazy??  That will be ur first thought rite. Nope if u r a muslim who believe in Allah n all the faith pillars or rukun iman.

Telah Bersabda Sulaiman
” Wahai orang-orang mulia, siapakah diantara kamu yang boleh membawa kepadaku tahta kerajaan Ratu Saba’ itu sebelum mereka datang tunduk kepadaku?”
Berkata Ifrit di antara Jin
” Saya dapat membawanya kepadamu sebelum engkau berdiri dari majlis ini, sesungguhnya saya kuat lagi jujur”
Berkata seorang manusia yang di sisinya ada ilmu dari Kitab ” Saya boleh membawanya kepadamu dalam sekelip mata” AnNaml: 38-39

Sahih International
[Solomon] said, "O assembly [of jinn], which of you will bring me her throne before they come to me in submission?"
Sahih International
A powerful one from among the jinn said, "I will bring it to you before you rise from your place, and indeed, I am for this [task] strong and trustworthy."
Bario 2004

Adam Air 2007

These are the links that expose how Skylab has been part of search and rescue. Skylab is an association combining spiritual doctors and physical one, which includes medical, dentistry, government doctors, universities, armies and private practice. Though the association may be dissolved now because the founder, has passed away in 2010, but one of my brother still in contact with one of the Tabib@spiritual doctor who helps in finding the Bario helicopter. For now, they still waiting any instruction from government officials and their own leader. We hope that Allah, Rasulullah SAW would help us in this hard moments. Keep on praying and believe cos Allah is always there for us. May soon, whatever method we use, we will find them safe and sound. Amin Amin Amin Ya Rabbal a'lamin

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