Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Student Service Scheme Truly Helps Students of UiTM

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I am now doing Student Service Scheme or Skim Khidmat Pelajar among tens of other student..mostly are the extended student. This programme is made by the university to help students get financial sources to continue their study and at the same time helps them to do the administration works.. some of us were placed at the college office, sports office, and as for me, i am placed at the Students Affair Office or Pejabat Hal Ehwal Pelajar..

When I first started on 10th of October 2011, i was placed at one of the college offices (Sector A).but on the second day i was severely sick. i was vomitted for 7 times! I messaged kak Nad, one of the clerk in the office and she told the manager, Puan Zalina Hitam whom we preferred called as Bonda or Mum. She was worried about my condition and called Mr Mohd Faizul, the deputy registrar and he then transferred me to the HEA offices..

Well...quiet sad there...because I already love the environment and the people at the college (hostels) office..
But Bonda did it because UiTM Johor will be hosting the KARISMA stands for Karnival Sukan Mahasiswa..the sports carnivale for all uitm students with 4800++ participants..for your information, uitm has more than ten branches..i dont remember the number..and the contingents will be staying at the hostels...therefore a lot of works await! So, its better to send me to another department then to let me suffer because of my poor health condition and at the same time hinder the working progress..

On the other hand, I managed to stayed at the hostels in Sector C..with other students making the SKP and the Bachelor students, whom payed for a rented house but the house isnt is the outsiders contractor and not the UiTM project....but the admin was so kindhearted that they let these unlucky students stay at the hostels..
together, there are 15 of us...

Eventhough it is called the SKP, but we do works like the other staffs...we do the clerical works..
Well there are a lot of confidential issues that I have to keep my mouth zipped...
And there are also a lot of things that are prohibited for me to do because I am still the students of this beloved campus..

We were paid RM 4 per hour and our working hour is 9 hours per day; from 8:00 am till 5:00 you do the math ;-))

With the money I earn, it can help me to pay for the fees, and make living here with increasing life costs..
and at the same time gives me working will helped me a lot before I entered the real working life...


Namee Roslan said...

semua orang boleh try juga kan ??

anaMuslimah said...

akak uitm ke? haah boleh je...