Thursday, 4 September 2014

Updates from the world of Charity Right

Let us not forget our increased efforts recently and let them go in vain. 

We gave Sadaqah with a soft heart, so let us strive to continue these deeds throughout the rest of the year and remain obedient to Allah at all times.

There is still so much to be done and so many more families to feed, please continue with your good deeds throughout the year and help provide meals to the desperate and needy who suffer day after day, each year, every year with very little food at all. 

As you know, our fundraising campaign this Ramadan Team3hundred was a fun challenge set for you all. The goal was to raise a minimum of £300 in 30 days. We had a great response and some fun teams all racing to get to the top. We are pleased to announce that the Team3Hundred challenge collectively raised an impressive £86,825!

Night of Power Conference
This was our first ever online global video conference, spanning over 36 hours with more than 20 renowned speakers all spreading glad tidings and aiming to revive the Ummah through knowledge and action.  We hope you got a piece of it!  The conference went hand in hand with raising money through Charity Right and Alhamdulillah the conference raised over £98,500!

Ramadan TV
Many of you will have viewed our live appeals on Ramadan TV during the month. From Maghrib to Fajr Charity Right gave viewers the opportunity to watch the organisation in action, what we have achieved so far and how we need your continuous support. Alhumdulilah we raised a staggering £68,000 which has now contributed to feeding 226 families!

Charity Right are collecting now to feed families thr world over who are stuck and unable to provide their loved ones with regular meals.Please donate today and help give them a basic necessity - food.

Please pass on to your family and friends

A project of Mercy Mission, Charity Right has been set up as a not for profit organisation providing regular meals to chronically hungry people in some of the most hard to reach areas across the world with the sole objective to overcome hunger, starvation and its effects.

Charity Right - Dedicated to fighting hunger

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Kakzakie said...

How syukur we are. Even as a street begger in M'sia there is food can fill the stomach. Left over food after pasar malam kakak noticed they just through into the drain. Imagine if at their country all these can fill their stomach...